It's not just Hillary, it is government corruption

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You don't get it.

What was the big deal about Watergate? It was just a stupid little break-in. Places get broken into all the time. If it had been just a maid who was looking for something to steal, no big deal. So, why should it matter if it was for another reason?

Suppose the DOJ and FBI really are entrenched with people who were willing to cover-up Hillary's crimes? Suppose the IRS really is entrenched with people willing to use it for political purposes? Suppose the EPA really is entrenched with people willing to use it as bludgeon against individuals to push their agenda? Suppose the DOJ/FBI really is now entrenched with people (the "establishment") willing to use it as a political weapon against Trump?

Suppose, suppose, suppose....

You dismiss it all as silly because you are in favor of what all the above "entrenched people" are trying to accomplish. OTOH, I see ample evidence of all of the above, and I see that as a FAR greater threat to America than the "Russians".


PS: If all of the above were directed at Obama and Dems, you'd be outraged. The difference is, so would MOI.... BEEP BEEP.

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