I also have no objection to them being called in to question under oath

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And if they lie about something then throw the book at them. These people are all adults who should know not to lie under oath.

But you aren't even willing to question the Clintons, even though they leave a constant stream of smoke behind them wherever they go that begs for questions.

Right now the FBI is dancing on a tight rope and about to fall off. Did you see the answers Rosenstein gave before the House Judicial Committee?

Someone directly asked about the Dossier and he refused to answer! Part of his job is to answer! Why is this crap being allowed? Rosenstein's answer: "I think I know, but I'm not saying" is bullshit and part of the coverup. He knows that he knows, he doesn't "think he knows." He was being evasive under oath and one of those congressmen needs to find a way to say something that will scare him but good.

There is a clear line one can draw in connecting the dots - from Trump being nominated, to the "insurance policy" needed to thwart Trump, to possible FBI support for the Dossier, to the Dossier being used to gain a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump team. Does the possibility that the Obama Admin Justice Dept and FBI tried to thwart the will of the American voters not bother you? Russia pales in comparison to the implications of this.

Whether or not these dots are actually connected is not 100% known by those outside the FBI, but those inside the FBI do know and they are stonewalling without giving good reason as to why. They are hiding behind the Mueller investigation when it is their job and obligation to make this info known the to the committee who overseas the FBI - the Judiciary Committee.

They think the Mueller investigation gives them cover. But it doesn't because the same people who are or have been on the Mueller team are the ones involved in all this mess with the Dossier. And they clearly have no legal way of ultimately denying Congress the information, they can only delay.

Congress is about to subpoena more info and more witnesses, and this, along with the Judicial Watch efforts, promises to break this thing wide open. There are literally too many holes in the dyke now for these guys to plug up. And if they aren't careful from now forward in how they hem and haw and delay, this will get real nasty for them real fast.

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