He seems to have picked his toughest fights first

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But I have heard him say many times that infrastructure is coming in another round. I suspect it will have to wait for the wall, DACA and immigrant issues to be given a shot, with possibly another go at healthcare reform.

Infrastructure is something he can wait on as a play in his back pocket, something possible for him to get done even if the senate and congress get overturned. For now, he needs to work on those things with which he will not get help from the left, while he still has the senate and house. And of course, infrastructure will be far easier for politicians to agree on if we have the economy booming and revenues are on the rise, so a delay for now in work on infrastructure may be politically advantageous in terms of getting a bigger and better infrastructure bill.

But there won't be much reason to do anything more if they can't get the tax bill in the can.

And I will not really predict this will happen, but it is a possibility: we may find that once Trump is past his contentious partisan issues, like healthcare and taxes, he compromises greatly with the dems in infrastructure and other issues that would be naturally bipartican in nature. Once he achieves MAGA, the more moderate part of him may start to come out. The real conservatives have never trusted that he is a real conservative, and after MAGA he may prove them right.

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