The media is propagating mass hysteria

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All over Facebook now there are threads about a mass strike in the nation if Trump fires Mueller.

What do we do? How do we do it? What happens to our jobs? Will the courts still be open? Will universities still hold classes? And a thousand other questions of a worrying nature abound.

This is all absurd. Trump has said number of times he will not fire Mueller. And Mueller has so far not come up with anything anywhere close to being threatening to Trump.

A lot of this comes from the media reaction to all the news about conflicts of interest on the Mueller team and the revelations about the Uranium One mess and Dossier mess. The media is attributing these stories, not to genuine problems that are surfacing about the investigations into Trump, but to pressures and manipulations from the right intended to give Trump an excuse to fire Mueller.

What? How much more nonsensical can the media be? The right has not generated these conflicts of interest or questionable activities by those in the FBI. And they are only coming to light by the long standing efforts of Congress and other entities like Judicial Watch, not from the MSM. And the biggest source of pressure in defense of Trump has not been behind the scenes activities by Republican Senators or Congressmen, but by the public tweets that Trump throws out himself!

The MSM has given up generating real news and truth. Now they are content with just generating mass hysteria with the accompanying mass attention for their car and shampoo commercials. No longer real news reporters, they are nothing more now than car and shampoo salesmen.

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