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Re: Main-Stream Political Cartoonist ? -- Loquitur
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that the cartoon of Melania is a racist sterotype. Melania is not curvy like that, she is obviously strong but slender, toned. The cartoonist is making her out like to a 50's pinup bimbo. And she is no bimbo.

The real comment and content of the cartoon is the portrayed demeaner of the ladies, and this is a fair comment for a cartoonist to make.

Melania is positive, upbeat, smiling, optimistic. That is definitely her.

Michelle is snearing and negative, downbeat. One can argue that is not her, but the cartoonist is speaking his mind and saying what he thinks, so it is his right to say so, his freedom of speech. And when one thinks back on some of the statements by Michelle, like the one where she was "never proud of America until now", and some others, and think about the anger she sometimes displays in her speeches, you can see his point. She is a much harder personality and character than Melania.

All in all it's a stupid cartoon, and I don't like picking on family members. But to call it racist is looking for monsters under your bed.

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