Dershowitz is usually such a gentleman

Posted by brownhound , Tue, Dec 19, 2017, 22:27:44 Post Reply Reviews by brownhoundFirst Amendment Message BoardMain site

But I saw him on a morning show a day or so ago talking about Jill Stein.

He ranted on about how he thought she hates America, hates democrats,and definitely hates all Republicans. I've never before heard him say such negative stuff about someone.

Made me think that sometime years ago he tried to date her and didn't get laid.


So much of all that goes on seems to have a root somewhere in sex. The old boys aren't getting what they need and so grab an ass now and then. Seems perfectly natural when a man is deprived of what he needs.

So what happened to the dems' love of all these unwritten "rights" in the constitution? Why aren't the democratic women fighting for the right of all to have great sex, or at least a little bit of dribbling sex?

Free Sex for All!!! It should be one of our basic rights as Americans!

The dems, and especially the democrat women, are letting us all down. They are not fighting for what they should see is a basic human right.

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