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Trump's Security Policy document reads just like Trump - we're going to secure America in ways that reflect the America First policies and ideas. Of course he has read it - he stated most of it every night in his stump speeches. He has been telling us what he was going to do (and the contents of his security document) every day for the past 2 years.

And it speaks in plain talk about defeating ISIS and Islamic terrorism and how. It talks about increasing the military, fighting drugs, WMD, NK, Iran, and other problems in plain language and concrete steps that are being made or have been made. It reads like an executive plan of action.


Contrast this with the Obama document of 2015 (I could not find one for 2016, perhaps there was none)

The Obama document reads as a more glowing report in generalized terms, more like a State of the Union Address. He barely even mentions talks about the border or drugs. He barely makes reference to ISIS, even though in 2015 there were seriously building a caliphate. He talks more like he doesn't want to offend Iran or Islam than fight Iranian terrorism and Islamic terrorism. He talks instead in glowing terms of how he reduced American involvement from 180,000 troops downto 15,000 troops, ignoring the problems that caused.

He talks about things that make you wonder "Why did he not just do them?" Like ending the sequestration hurting the military - hell it was HIS IDEA! Or stopping Russian cyber threats, the document recognizes Russia as a cyber threat,why did he not go ahead an execute a plan? Or working on border security - the document states it is a problem, why did he resist doing anything about it?


The overall impression one is left with after reading these two plans is this:

1. Trump lays out in a comprehensive and complete manner what he is doing now and going to do, and you get the distinct impression he will work on everything he lists.

2. Obama lists out things in a general manner, talks in glowing terms of his accomplishments while omitting many problems. And I was left wondering why, when the document lists some things that obviously needed to be done, why did he make so little progress on the plan?

I will admit that Obama covers Climate Change more completely than does Trump. But Obama covers it in a way that leads one to think it was more important than thwarting NK.

Obama made up his security plan, and then sat on it. Trump has his plan and is executing it. It is the classic difference between a talker and a doer.

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