Oh OK, tell us how she shoveled sh*t for a living

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Or how she mopped floors and cleaned toilets from where the winos crapped & threw up in gas station restrooms, coming home stinking to high heaven. Or about how she dug ditches by hand with the road crews in the hot sun during the summer, coming home with painful sunburns. Or how she was a concrete crew laborer and shoveled wet concrete all day long on construction sites,coming home with skin crawling all night with from the caustic burns of the concrete spatters.

And don't cry to me about racism and having to overcome disadvantage. That didn't stop people like Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson from having a more positive outlook on America.

It looks more to me like she has suffered from "Black Privilege". Yes, she was a smart and good girl in her youth, from a steady stable family, and so her path was cleared by society to thrust her forward in good schools and a fine life.

I'm not saying she did not deserve anything that came her way, but I doubt she ever broke a nail by shoveling shit or digging ditches.

Sorry I misquoted her, I was just going by memory, but I got the basics of her statement correct: "For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country".


But does this really matter? No, it doesn't does it? We don't excuse someone in their politics because of their background. Only their politics matters. This only matters to Savvy if he is giving out "Savvy Gold Stars" for someone having to endure crap.

So if you are giving out gold stars for enduring crap, then I want to apply for mine for having to put up with you.


Oh, and by the way, to get through my education and get where I am, I did all those things I mentioned above and many more. And still to this day I like hard work and the people who do it.

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