Why Would You Think Otherwise?

Re: To anyone who doesn't think it matters if people vote illegally -- brownhound
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The extreme right-wing "messaging machine" has been accomplishing a great deal over the past several decades, such as convincing many folks that America is in a downward spiral toward certain destruction, that all Muslims are uniformly ferocious people determined to kill the rest of us, that all left-leaning people are hard core socialists out to grab the fruits of honest labor and hand it out to ne-er-do-wells, and so on... and on.

Your post is a good example of that. No, you didn't have to point fingers. You didn't have to identify "groups" of people. The dog whistle approach has worked very well - for decades - because the whistle-blowers are afraid to come out in the open and say what they mean in plain English.

In the present case, who could possibly think that illegal voting doesn't matter? (Dog Whistle: "pssst... liberals! leftists! disgruntled Democrats!, that's who! They encourage illegal voting! But nooo... I didn't really say that, now did I?")

Sad to say: the dog whistle works with stupid and/or mentally lazy people. That's how we got Trump.


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