"Diverting from the effort" to find out about Russian involvement

Posted by brownhound , Thu, Dec 21, 2017, 17:21:02 Post Reply Reviews by brownhoundFirst Amendment Message BoardMain BigDoggie.net site

The left was fine with diverting from the Russian thing and going back 20 years or whatever to find out personal stuff about Trump and his businesses and nail Manafort and his bud.

But now that what is being uncovered are transgressions by the Obama team suddenly they are squealing that we are "diverting from the effort" about Russia. I saw a couple of dem congressmen yacking about this tonight ))


Next we will hear them talk like they are willing to lay off Trump if the right lays off somebody that matters to them.

I say no way. They had their chance to play fair. Now all offers are off the table. We smell blood and are confident Trump can handle Mueller alright by himself. Let the investigations about Hillary recommence !!!!!

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