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I didn't care for the prosecution's argument of a getaway driver as being just as responsible as the bank robbers to be persuasive. The driver knows very well - in advance - that he's a participant in the robbery. It's not the same thing.

But "spectators" at a lynching? Problematic. Why else gather in a cow pasture at night with a Black man being the obvious focus of attention? What does your experience of your culture suggest? A "whuppin'", or far worse? Whatever your supposition, can anything but violence be anticipated, and does (or does not) that make you a "participant"?

I guess that's part of the problem with such things. My feeling is that you have to try to put yourself in the other fella's shoes. In my own case, and despite my very negative feelings toward Trump, I'm pretty sure I'd have avoided the company of those who dressed themselves in black and expressed extreme anger before the fact.

Still, if I'd gone against my nature and joined in with such folks, I'm sure I'd be outraged at being swept up in a general arrest for simply "being there" if all I'd done was to voice my opinion, and never mind what others did.

I guess I betray my position by being relieved at the acquittal. It may not have been a clear-cut case of "guilt by association", but too close for comfort.


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