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It is not illegal immigrant voting we are concerned about. After all these people who are "undocumented" are not "illegal", if I hear correctly the left ;--)

What we are concerned about is people voting illegally. This includes undocumented immigrants, felons in states where felons cannot vote, people who try to vote twice, people trying to vote in a place where they are not a resident, underage people, etc.

If there are no reasonable controls as an effort to screen out illegal voting, then these people can vote. So reasonable controls are required. And by the efforts of the left in working to resist or eliminate controls, the left is encouraging illegal voting.

I've never seen a good argument explaining why the left feels that simple and reasonable controls like a photo ID keep people from voting. Would you care to explain this to me CP?

We have social security cards, medicare and medicaid cards, people signed up for food stamps, unemployment, welfare, literally hundreds of other government programs, and we require 1 or 2 forms of ID just to get a job in this country. Who is it that cannot get an ID or get help in getting one?

It seems more likely to me that the left pumps this up into a bigger problem that it is and keeps the idea of the problem alive just as a means to their ends. The left isn't bashful about jumping the government into something they see as a social ill, so it they saw this as a genuine problem I would think they would pour their usual billions of government money into solving it. Instead they leave the notion of this problem hanging around to use politically.

I do not know of anyone who cannot vote because they cannot get the proper ID. CP, if you are on the other side from me on this issue, I will put this to you: do you know of anyone who cannot vote because they can't get a proper ID?

And if you do know someone, then what the hell is wrong with you man? Why haven't you helped them get a proper ID?

No one forces one to vote - it the responsibility of the individual to exercise his or her right to vote. We are all in this together CP. So if someone for some reason, by handicap or lack of ability, cannot get the proper ID, it should be our concern, as neighbors and fellow citizens and patriotic Americans, to help any person we know with this problem to overcome it. But the bottom line is that reasonable controls are required and to eliminate or reduce the effectiveness of them hurts us all, left and right.

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