The "Big Lie" Has Become a Way of Life

Re: The 'Big Lie' Starts to Crumble as Feds Release Immigrant Crime Data -- RichAndPretty
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But it emanates not from the "left", but by fiat from imperial headquarters. Ordered to produce statistics favorable to the meme of "bringing crime, drugs, rapists" and so on ad nauseum, Sessions's DOJ complies at what's become the usual level of sycophancy.

Where in the link provided in the body of the article is it shown that the "left" is pushing the "big lie" that illegals aren't more prone to commit crimes than native Americans? Nowhere. The stats merely indicate that lots of illegals are in the custody of the Bureau of Prisons.

How many of them are in custody awaiting deportation proceedings?

In comparison to the total number of prisoners held in municipal, county, state and federal jails and prisons, the numbers of illegals published by the BOP are miniscule. What's the number and/or percentage of illegals imprisoned on that basis? (Start with over 6 million and count backwards... over 2 million behind bars and another 4+ million on probation or on parole.)

'Townhall', as usual, sets the standard for the "big lie", vastly encouraged by a culture of lying set by the "Big Liar".


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