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I've had three different cancers, and I've paid cash for every surgery or other treatment. My most expensive surgery and recovery was for a total nephrectomy, which start to finish cost me about $10,000-USD, which I simply paid out of pocket.

I've had two lumbar spinal surgeries at a special clinic in German, the two surgeries were staged about 3-weeks apart. I was in Germany for 6-weeks for that, one continuous visit. Including the clinic, hotel, airfare, everything, I paid about 70,000-EUR.

I don't own any kind of insurance. Other than local sales taxes, I pay no taxes of any kind to any government, and I don't pay alimony. My average visit to one of the local brothels usually costs me about $50-USD, which I pay myself, as a single-payor. I've inquired about the availability of "sex-insurance", but it doesn't seem to be available.

I think America was a better country, many years ago, when there was almost zero government involvement in our daily lives.

We were better off, before the 16th Amendment was passed.

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