Dial it All Back to about January 20, 1953

Re: MAGA! -- CPMariner
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..that was the day when Dwight David Eisenhower was sworn in as POTUS/CIC.

We were great then.

Strong post-war economy.

No significant racial problems.

No significant drug problems.

No stupid laws, which attempt to force equality where natural equality does not exist.

No political correctness.  When Ike decided that we no longer needed the huge influx of Mexican workers, who came in during WW-2, they were rounded-up and shipped back to Mexico, no muss, no fuss, no pinko-commie whiners and enablers.  The action was officially named "Operation Wetback".  A great nation controls its borders and protects its citizens from illegal aliens.

We will make America great again, when we make our industry, our economy, our laws, our collective culture, and our moral values look like the Euro-centric Judea-Christian America of the 1950's.  It really is that simple.

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