What a crock

Re: The Democrats Just Discriminated Against Homeschoolers and Children With Disabilities -- RichAndPretty
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Why not say that Dem's discriminated against red headed children with one leg suffering from cancer? The amendment was aimed at all home schooled and private school expenses, not just those with disabilities.

The deductible expenses were so broad they could be applied to virtually anything and Cruz decided to pick "educational therapy" and tag it to children with disabilities. Would a trip to Europe over the Holidays be considered educational therapy for able bodied children without disabilities?

What's even more laughable is that the House GOP fought hard to eliminate deductions for ALL non-reimbursed medical expenses. Think of the hardships those families of disabled children would have had to endure if the GOP had successfully victimized them and eliminated deductions for items that insurers refused to cover but were beneficial to those innocent children.

The spin from both sides has become pathetic and NO, it's not one side doing it more than the other.

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