So will you take this opportunity to grow the company and hire more workers?

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Or are you going to sit on the efforts of your father and uncle and coast along until you have drained the company and it dies?

I already gave out a nice bonus in anticipation of the tax event and we hired two more kids so far in November and December and we're going after things in a really aggressive way for 2018. More advertising, more equipment, we're going after a couple of new markets, etc. Last night I had a person in our company drive me up to Woodbridge, VA and we bought another service van and I drove it home. I buy used Ford E250's off lease and this one looks and drives like brand new, it is really a beautiful van, but at a small fraction of the new sticker price. In my line of work it's all about adding techs and service vans and getting the work to keep them busy.

Things are no longer static. I have a great feeling now that 2018 is going to be a great year. This is a great opportunity for small business people all over the country to step it up in an aggressive manner and grow things.

But if you don't get out there and fight for your share, somebody else is going to be getting yours and tempting away your employees with higher wages.

So I urge you to use this opportunity wisely. Take that 14% and plough it back into your company and grow things for yourself and your employees.

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