Or do what the majority of corporations will do

Re: So will you take this opportunity to grow the company and hire more workers? -- brownhound
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Buy back stock and pay down debt. This corporate boondoggle marketed as a middle class tax was based on false assumption and history proves them false.

If anyone thinks jobs are coming back and wages will rise due to a lower corporate tax they are delusional or willfully ignorant. Labor cost remains the biggest competitive obstacle they face.

What's amusing is that this "tax reform" reformed very little. There are more credits and deductions for corporations than before "reform". That's why they fought so hard to get rid of the corporate Alt Min Tax proposed. You'll see the effective rate paid now go down to low teens or single digits.

I've yet to hear a cogent argument against cutting the individual rates more than corporate rates. Putting more money back into working Americans pockets so they can spend more on goods and services creating more demand is far more effective at boosting the economy than putting it in corporate treasuries and "hoping" they reinvest it rather than buy back shares and boost portfolios (that rarely get spent on good and services).

Related link: http://www.businessinsider.com/gop-tax-bill-american-companies-to-use-repatriation-to-pay-down-debt-2017-12

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