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Re: "Stable Footing". I See. -- CPMariner
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We have been on a collision course with disaster, and traveling at 90 miles an hour. It seems like everything has been falling apart, piling up on us, crumbling, and the entire world is ready to jump on the dying hulk of America and chew up the pieces when it does collapse.

Obama seemed to not get the threats headed our way, from financial to social to infrastructure to NK and China and Russia. Not even ISIS got his ass moving. To me, he was like Peters Sellers in "Being There", and he was walking through minefields with the casual air of someone who is entirely clueless. He wasn't worried about NK or the Russians getting into all our systems or China eating our lunch or our impending financial doom, he wanted to ignore all this and pile it all on top of us more with his pet projects like Climate Change and efforts to show he was the Magnificently Magnanimous One who would ensure America could never be offensive to our enemies.

It seems to me that significant growth is our only way out of the mess me are in. And this was not going to happen without a big change in direction. The direction Obama and Hillary had us going was definitely NOT going to work, it would have been a steady and continual slide down hill. I don't know if this gambit we are on will work or not, and what they came up with was not ideal and also leaves some problems in place, but at least Trump and the Republicans recognize the problems, have come up with a plan, and are heading us out in the direction I think has a chance to work.

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