Corporations won't give out more money because they have more cash

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But they will give out more money because they have to in order to get and keep the employees they want.

With growth in the economy, there will be a growth in demand for employees. There is only so much additional productivity you can achieve without the addition of people to manage it and produce. Corporations have already been squeezing productivity from increased efficiencies and capital investment, and the squishiness in unemployment figures because of people on the sidelines being induced back into employment is running to an end. Many of those laid off during the Great Recession have already gone on disability or social security.

So demand for good employees will rise. Already companies are so squeezed for good employees that they have reduced drug testing requirements, and moreover, they state this is why.

I am not permitted to reduce drug testing requirements, and we also are not allowed to accept those with criminal backgrounds, so I have to pick among the squeaky clean.

So I am already experiencing this currently, this wave of rising wages. I've had a couple of good techs who I wanted to hire slip out of my grasp because someone else offered them more money. And I sure as hell don't want to lose the good people I have because someone else will pay them more.

So all these people yacking about how the corporations will buy back stock and not give people more money with the additional cash they will have are just flat out missing the entire crux of the matter.

No business pays out more money in wages than they have to. But with the additional money floating around chasing employees, businesses will have to pay out more to get new employees and will have to pay out more to keep the ones they have. It is not about what they want to do, it is about what they have to do.

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