Putin, North Korea, Asymmetrical War, Nuclear Proxy War . . .

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What will Putin do now ? ? . .


Putin might just say, "..enough is enough.." . .  "..more sanctions, and now this..".

The big decision for Russia would be how far to go..  Why wouldn't Putin secretly start an asymmetrical war and/or a nuclear proxy war? . . .   ..if he thought he could get away with it.

Russian scientists could secretly give improved missile technology, nuclear components, guidance packages, and reentry vehicles to North Korea.   The huge ICBM's themselves are too big to sneak into the DPRK undetected, but using Russian designs, NK is perfectly capable of building clones of the RT-2PM Topol long-range ICBMs.

Putin's intermediaries would make certain that an ultra-clandestine Russian operation allowed North Korea to have at least 5 sure 'nuff ICBM's, ready to go, each topped with a single 1-megaton H-Bomb.  

I'm just looking at a map here, and I'm imagining the "Day After".. Putin would plan for the end game, and his Russian scientists could provide the guidance packages, pre-programmed for:

Los Angeles


Washington D.C.


New York City

Putin's operatives would make certain that all 5 ICBM's launched from North Korea at the same instant.

America would collapse..

In fact, America's only response (if any) would be to nuke North Korea back to the stone age, and nuke 'em again until the rubble bounces.

Putin, at a key moment, would call Trump (who would be in the bunker) and tell him that Russia is siding with the USA in the fight against the DPRK, and Russia would then launch one or two "symbolic" nukes against Pyongyang.

After the dust cleared, I imagine that the USA would pull all of its foreign-based troops back to the USA for clean-up duty, and for enforcing martial law.   I can also imagine that China and Russia might cheerfully volunteer some of their troops to the USA for euthanasia and cremation details, with Russia ultimately dominating the American East Coast, and China dominating the American West Coast.

The USA would recall all of its troops from overseas, and the Russian Federation would be free to re-claim as many of the former Soviet Republics as it wanted, including the bread-basket, Ukraine.

China would be free to extend its borders, including “Taiwan, SAR, PRC”.

Ya know, Trump's gut feeling was always to make peace with Russia, to normalize relations, and to end all sanctions.  However, Trump got mired in the "swamp", with too many CIA and NSA guys whispering into his ears, and now the politicized Mueller expedition..

Perhaps historians will accurately tell that the fall of America was ultimately caused by the bureaucrats and the shadow government.

I'm just sayin' - - It could really happen, and at this new low in US-Russian relations, Putin doesn't have much to lose - - if he can get away with it..


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