So you're going with "Climate's changed before" ?

Re: The Big and Little Ice Ages (Maunder Minimum, etc.) Repeat in Cycles, and are not "Man-Made" -- Iron Worker
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Jackpot. That's the number one myth !

Climate has changed before, in both directions. Abrupt vs slow change is the issue.

I saw the article about the weight of the ice. I don't think there's a consensus on that. In other words, it's just a hypothesis right now. If it becomes an accepted theory, jokes about dairy cows aren't going to disprove it. You know that though, don't you.

What I know is that as man made global warming causes ice melt in the arctic regions even more methane is released. That methane causes further global warming which leads to even more methane gas being released. Get the picture ?

ps: The Little Ice Age is addressed in the "Global Warming & Climate Change Myths" section several places, along with any other myth you can spew forth. Go ahead, try again ;)

pss: Is it really far fetched to believe that removing trillions of tons of ice from two different tectonic plates might cause earthquakes ?

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