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Refers only to free public education with standards and choices of venue set by individual communities all over the country. As for choice of venue, districting has always been the only logical choice, if only for logistical reasons.

Some - too many - communities place public education so far down among their budget priorities that the worst teachers and most antiquated facilities are inevitable.


You call it "throwing money on the problem" as though that were peculiar to "liberals". It's not. How, pray, can you attract quality educators with minimum wage pay and dingy classrooms that smell like locker rooms and cafeterias that serve the equivalent of prison food?

You can't.

Our public education system is a mess - not everywhere, but in too many places - because local taxpayers have allowed it.

With voucher systems and a "shadow education" system of charter schools, aren't taxpayer dollars still the driving force making them possible?


The only "money saver" I see in charter schools is that they dispense with public school buses. The only "educational advantage" I see in charter schools is that klatches of parents and politicians are making the very same decisions they have to make about public schools. The main tangible difference is that they pour more money on the "problem".


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