Does the National Debt ~REALLY~ Matter? ..Maybe Not..

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The USA is the de facto controller of the only international currency which really matters, the USD.  When you get right down to it, we also effectively control world banking, and the world money supply.  

Hello, we don't even bother to print that much of the stuff any more.  The USD exists as "Zeroes" and "Ones" in the digital world.  (Side Note:  The regulators bitch about "BitCoin", because they don't like the competition..)

What the USA and its Treasury does, is not that much different than demanding "Tribute to Rome".   Our "debt" is owned significantly by foreign powers, and is effectively a "Tax" - - the world pays, by buying our Treasury Bonds, or.. (a.) We don't "protect" them anymore, or (b.) We blow 'em all to Hell, like we did in Eye-Rack.

I guarantee you, if "world peace" ever really broke out, and/or if the US military became irrelevant for other reasons, then the dollar would slip, and then the debt would matter.

As long as the US is the strongest world power, and as long as we are a significant importer of almost everything, the house of cards won't fall.  Which means.. if we ever achieve all of those "MAGA" goals, then we would become a net exporter of everything, and the dollar would fall against other currencies.  Funny how that works, eh?

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