How we treat our "bastard child" ?

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In accord with the traditional verses, Jesus Christ was...indeed...a "bastard child". We just celebrated his birth.

Puerto Rico, a US territory (since our invasion in 1898) with US citizens ("natural born") ? Still treated as a "bastard child", most recently demonstrated in the "new tax reform", which treats Puerto Rico "foreign" (for purposes of new "CFC tax").

Google it. You will find numerous "partisan" articles/editorials (FOX vs. HUFFPO). Below is link to op-ed of Ike (not Steve) Bannon (published in Forbes) addressing the matter rather frankly. Short. Concise.

Congress (make that the GOP - solely responsible for passage) refused those overtures to merely exempt Puerto Rico (from the new tax), suggested by likes of Mr. Bannon.

Query ? MAGA...traditional "American values" ? Puerto Rico a "poster boy" ? L.
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