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I was driving back from Woodbridge the other night in my shiny new van (felt like riding in a Towncar, lol) and found a station that carried Mark Levin.

There was some guy substituting and I don't know who he was, but he offered a challenge to any listener who could prove that tax cuts cost the government a loss of revenue.

He cited specific revenue figures for the years after the Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush tax cuts and the figures he mentioned did not show that there was a decrease in revenue from the preceding year to the first year affected by the tax cut. (I have not independently confirmed this)

So he went to break for a minute or two and when he came back on air he announced "We have a caller!". So I awaited this argument of the caller against the argument of the host.

The host then said "OK caller, go ahead, you are on air!"

The next thing I heard was a distinct and loud "Uhhhhh" then the line went dead.

The host was at first a little befuddled, then after a brief pause said "That's it? That's all you got? "Uhhhhh"?"

He offered the guy to call back in, but there was apparently no response.

I could not help but laugh my ass off all the way down the highway.



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