Your use of the term for Christ interests me

Re: How we treat our "bastard child" ? -- Loquitur
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Is it really relevant for him? Where did you see it used for him?

When you say "traditional verses" what are you referencing?

No offense intended, just surprised by the usage and wondering where it originates.

As a comment on your post about PR, it is an interesting question. On the surface it does seem like there would be great advantages to not excluding PR, both for US Corporations and the citizens of PR. I would like to see what the arguments were for the policy that finally resulted.

In general, except of the reporting that has happened because of the hurricane down there, PR has not gotten much attention in the media and I suspect most Americans, like me, are clueless about the issues and problems down there. I know in my circle of friends, more is known about Costa Rico. I have been hearing yack yack yack lately about Costa Rico and how wonderful it is down there.

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