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Not to mention all those jobs coming back and the tidal wave of wage growth that's headed to America. History shows that held true after previous tax "reforms". (Okay, it didn't but we're in a new age where you can just make sh^t up).

Apparently this simplifies corporate taxes so that they can file on a postcard and pay the new 21%.

What's that? They eliminated the corporate alt-min? Well it's no longer needed since they simplified things and eliminated and restructured the credits and deductions. Corporation won't need any minimum floor since the hundreds of pages of credits and deductions have been reduced to .....hundreds of pages.

Remember the gnashing of teeth and vitriol towards Obama's economic advisor Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE, when the conservative media told us GE paid ZERO in taxes? Let's wait for all that gnashing of teeth again when even more Fortune 500's pay ZERO in taxes going forward.

This was a corporate boondoggle marketed as a "middle class tax cut". Nothing more, nothing less.

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