Don't Trust Those Forresters!

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While we were building our house on the Suwannee we lived in a 32' RV over which loomed a 140' pine tree, leaning our way.

Concerned, we called the state Forestry Dept., which sent out a Forester for a look-see. Very interesting! He informed us that the huge number of pine cones dropped that year indicated that the tree was on it last legs. (I didn't know that.)

But surely he was being an alarmist!

Nonetheless, we called a tree service to take the tree out. After we moved the trailer to a safe spot to make room for the tree to fall, the tree service sent a 'Genie' cherry picker up to begin lopping it off in sections.

The Genie 'driver' was a bit clumsy, and accidentally bumped the man-basket into the tree about 20' from the top... whereupon the whole damn' thing emitted an explosive cracking sound and came crashing down, hook, line and sinker. (It took two 10-ton trucks to carry off the tree sections after chain-sawing on the ground.)

These foresters... what do they know??


PS: Just for shits & giggles I looked up forestry stats on Slovenia, Melania's birthplace. Turns out... Slovenia has 63% forest coverage nationwide, placing it 3rd behind only Finland (my own ancestral stompin' grounds) and Sweden in the EU. So it makes sense she'd have a particular interest in trees near the WH.

(Of course, that assumes she was really born in Slovenia. Show us your long form birth certificate, Melania! ;-)

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