What they won't tell us is how trickle up works

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Just what is the alternative to trickle down?

Are we expected to believe that a lot of poor people who are given resources are going to band together and each drop 50 cents in the pot and create new businesses that hire people? It doesn't happen.

A gallon of water at room temperature has as much energy as a lighted match. But you cannot start a fire with it that can grow and produce other fires.

The same is true with capital - accumulated capital is needed for new investment that generates new jobs and robust growth in the economy. If it is widely spread out it is consumed, and while this consumption does help existing businesses, the resultant growth in jobs and the economy is far less.

No, for the last 8 years we have experienced trickle up in the Obama economy, and we see it doesn't work. Wall Street has gotten rich, but the middle class and the great mass of engines of growth, the 30 million passthrus, have been in a state of stagnation.

And ironically, in spite of trickle up social programs, the poor are not better off.

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