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Ploughing profits back into capital equipment and real property and improvements - a process that immediately and directly grows the economy and creates jobs - is now "gaming the system" ?

No, this is a process that trades tax revenue for definite growth and bigger future revenue. It is one of the most powerful tools available in the tax code, not only working quickly, but with the one of the highest percentages in future returns for BOTH the businesses and the government.

It is NOT gaming, it is what we WANT to happen.

Gaming is where companies get to reduce taxes with little or no benefit returned to the economy or future revenues to the government, and where companies make decisions based more on the tax loopholes and less on growing the company. This new policy refocuses the attention of companies on opportunities for their growth.

This is a tax plan centered around growth, and I'll look forward to your explanation of how this is not so. Of course, our arguments about this will be moot points as time goes by and growth is either shown to be greater or not.

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