Don't look at his words

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Don't look at his words, look at what's in his heart.

The U.S. has entered into a era where deception and distortion are now accepted. Trump has elevated it and his apologist legitimize it with the constant "what he meant to say" walk backs.

I can't recall any President that has had to have his administration walk back or correct his off the cuff falsehoods as much as this one.

I was watching an internet replay of a FOX panel and a Trump supporter (can't recall name) kept referring to the trillion dollars in taxpayer money Obama gave to Iran and not a single correction or clarification from anyone on the panel explaining that it wasn't taxpayer money. I can assure you that tens of millions of Americans believe that it was taxpayer money.

Has partisanship led to ignorance or ignorance led to partisanship?

But who cares if it furthers the agenda and stops the progressive/leftist/liberal slide that destroyed your country the last 8 years and made Americans lives a living hell.

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