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The story is full of holes. For one thing, if the FBI was using the Papadoodoo info to get a warrant to surveil Trump, why did they wait so long to interview him and yet interview the writer of the dossier early on?

The real reason this story has legs currently is because the left and media are searching for a way to get away from the dossier. For months all we heard was "dossier, dossier, dossier", but now that McCabe has testified under oath the only thing they could confirm about it was that that guy Carter had a flight to Moscow, and also now that there is suspicion that the FBI inappropriately used the dossier to get a warrant, they want to back away from the dossier.

The only real truth we know is that 1) we don't yet know the truth about all this, and 2) the FBI doesn't want to let us know, they are stonewalling Nunes and his committee.

But I understand Nunes will issue some more subpoenas soon, and perhaps take some more serious steps against those in the DOJ and FBI who are not responding, so some more info may continue to be pried out of them. After McCasbe testified, there were reports of inconsistencies in testimony among some witnesses, and that will also help.

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