Time to give Hillary's server technician the Mueller treatment

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Back in November, we catalogued the stark contrasts between Mueller’s brand of hardball and the kid-gloves treatment given to subjects of the Clinton-emails investigation. The most significant of these involved the attorney-client privilege. Mueller persuaded a federal judge to force an attorney for Manafort and his co-defendant (Richard Gates) to testify against them in the grand jury....

Of course, in the Clinton probe - which Attorney General Loretta Lynch instructed FBI director James Comey to refer to as a "matter," lest anyone get the impression the Federal Bureau of Investigation was doing, you know, an investigation - the Obama Justice Department resisted using the grand jury at all, let alone using it to pry information from lawyers.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/455020/hillary-clinton-server-emails-erased-technician-should-be-pressured


PS: The DOJ/FBI under Obama was either completely incompetent or corrupt. MOI is betting on the latter (either way, a special prosecutor is called for.... BEEP BEEP).

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