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It's an absolutely beautiful day, if a bit crisp for Central Florida. Crystal clear skies, hardly any humidity, the lightest sigh of a breeze. It takes me back to my youth in North Carolina, when on many Fall days the air was like breathing pure, cool oxygen.

I know you didn't mean to do it, but you've taken me out of this lovely day and back into the realization that I'm in the last quarter of my game - perhaps even into the two minute drill, and I'm behind.

That's normal, natural, and it's unwise to dwell on it because it's depressing. But that reasonably normal sense of depression was exponentially increased on November 9th, 2016, when I realized that a very substantial minority of my fellow Americans are far, far more foolish than I'd ever thought.

I read what they read, heard much of what they heard, even saw a good deal of what they saw, but my conclusions and theirs were oil and water. A curtain dropped.

In most American towns, county and state fairs still perform on occasion. They feature the same sideshows they always have, differing only in small ways adapted to the times. Instead of the bearded lady, we now have the alien from Area 51. And there's still the shell game, or variants of it.

In times past I always assumed that almost everyone was wise to the game - as I was - but were trying to figure out how the trick was done. But on last November 9th, 2016, I realized with a profound shock that almost half of the people at the table really believed there was a pea remaining under a shell.

I haven't gotten over it, and considering the time left on my game clock, I probably never will. Consequently, and against all advice to myself, I take that personally.

I look at the fools, sycophants, stuff-shirted popinjays, self-described experts and cretins who've stumbled into positions of "leadership" - and the same who admire and respect them - and I take it personally.

And to those who believe that the character and nature of such "leaders" doesn't matter so long as the "living hell" - as you put it - is brought to a halt and reversed, I apply the same epithets. When character, decency, knowledge and honesty are no longer sought-after qualities in leadership by my fellow citizens, I take it personally.

I take it personally because I don't expect to live to see the end of it. The damage is too deep, too wide to be undone in just a few years, if ever. Pandora's box has been thrown wide open, pushing character, decency and even knowledge aside. That is a terrible, terrible wound.


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