Irrelevant - the assets were under control and should not have been given back

Re: It wasn't taxpayer monies...that's the fricking point -- savvvvvywhat
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You liberals make such contorted efforts at logic so now we conservatives can shove it back to you in the same manner.

True, it did not come from the taxpayer originally. And the figure is even a lot of hogwash, probably not $150 Billion in actual cash around the globe. Some not even in cash but other instruments, other credits, that could not even be utilized like cash.

Nonetheless the amount they get is a huge windfall for them. It has been reported that to the Iranian economy a sum of $150 billion is the equivalent to 8 Trillion in our economy.

And it will mean a big hit to our efforts to contain them and foster unrest in their society that would lead to regime change. Look at the unrest going on now - over food and the economy. The release of assets will work to lessen this unrest.

So yes, the money came from the US Taxpayer, in the sense that the release of the assets will drain us more - we will be spending more US Taxpayer dollars to contain them and fight more terrorism around the globe. More American lives will be lost as a result of this release of assets, more American resources expended in the effort against Iran.

If you disagree you are welcome to argue that the release of the assets will result in less terrorism and violence around the globe, but it will be a false argument because we have already seen an increase.

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