Note to So-Called President Trump

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Anti-regime protests are burgeoning (you can look that up: it's related to "big") in Iran. Despite the lifting of sanctions and return of money under 'Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action' (the "nuclear deal"), the economic situation in Iran continues to slide, and the clerical regime shows no sign of backing away from it stranglehold on basic freedoms.

The protests are spreading to the normally conservative Provinces as well. Tehran is no long the sole focal point of the anti-regime movement. This is a new development.

The regime is shaky. The Ayatollah is falling back on the tired old "foreign enemies" excuse for Iran's internal problems, and this time the protesters aren't buying it.

So, forgive my impudence (since I don't "know everything", as you do), but this would be an excellent time to...



PS: Advice to anyone who agrees with this advice, don't hold your breath. I'm not.

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