50 Years Ago

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Every time I hear someone say that we have a dysfunctional, hate fiilled society in 2017, I think back to 1968, and think “What are they talking about? “. You want to talk about hate? How about two huge political assassinations in just a few months? How about a president leaving office in shame? How about cities burning and college campuses being taken over by the student bodies? How about Soviet tanks rolling into Czechoslovakia and crushing a rebellion for freedom?

How about 16,500 American soldiers killed in Vietnam and 87,000 soldiers wounded?

I was in West Germany in 1968, and I remember a panic ithat went through the population who thought that the tanks would not stop in Prague.

When all of these snowflakes get upset about transgender rights, Income inequality, trigger warnings, etc. etc. I think back to the days when half the nation had sent their sons to die in Southeast Asia and the other half to college to protest the carnage. We should thank Our lucky stars that we have such an insignificant things to fight about in 2018.



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