Nikki Haley: "We cannot remain silent"

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And Haley is currently organizing UN efforts to support the protesters. That's right, the Trump Admin is working on organizing the entire world in support of the Iranians.

Inaction in the face of oppression is not statesmanship. Being silent in the face of oppression is not statesmanship.

We are finally exercising some statesmanship.

I saw retired 4 star General Jack Keene on TV tonight. In contrast to Michelle's statement about Obama finally making her for the first time proud of America, Keene said Obama's inaction and silence during the 2009 riots made him for the first time ashamed of America. And he elaborated on the importance of the west speaking out with a recount of a talk he had years ago with Lech Walesa. Walesa impressed upon Keene the great importance of the speech Reagan gave at the Brandenburg Gate, where he said "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall". According to Walesa, Regan's words motivated him forward in his work in Poland.

It is always right to not remain silent in the face of evil or oppression, but to call it out wherever we find it.

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