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"These girls are in control, they say what happens," he says. "It's not like the old days when they had to do whatever a client said. "We have models working for us, centrefolds, university students, lawyers, people who have been in acting. They are dressed in Versace, they are immaculately presented and educated women. "They are going out with wealthy, wealthy men who are waiting on them hand and foot. Not everyone in the industry stands on William St in clogs or winds up a drug addict." An hourlong meeting with a topflight Sydney callgirl starts at $500 and rises sharply. "A centrefold's $1500 an hour," Graham says. "If you want her for a whole night, that's $12,000.

"It has taken a while for Australia to catch on to the prices, but we've taken the industry from $150 an hour to $1500 an hour." The latest "guest entertainer" being offered by Miss Fleiss is a former USA Playboy Playmate. In an internet advertisement, the agency promises to "bring her to you in 24 hours". The price -- $20,000 per day. "She's one of the top models in America," Graham says, justifying the astounding price tag. She has come to Australia on one occasion. She was here for eight weeks and averaged two bookings a week. People are willing to pay it."

The origins of the Miss Fleiss Sydney franchise date back to 1994. It was established at a time when the name Heidi Fleiss -- the 1990s "madam to the stars" -- was fresh in the minds of most males, although she has nothing to do with the Australian arm of the business. "When they decriminalised the industry in 1995, it allowed professional people to come into it," Graham says. "We've got such a name now the girls just come to us. We must see or speak to 30 girls a week, out of which we are lucky to find maybe two worthy of a position with us." For those who make the cut, the experience can be highly rewarding. "The clients seem to be flying the girls around the world more," Graham says. "The way the Australian dollar is at the moment, we are getting beautiful young Australian women entertaining clients in Singapore, London, the US. "You can actually fly a girl to New York, a top Penthouse centrefold from Australia, for less than what you can get one in New York."

The business is also expanding into television, with plans for a weekly reality series on the life of a highclass callgirl. "We've got 22 contracts signed by people who want to be involved in it," Graham says. "The networks have been approached. It will be a 12month deal. A halfhour show each week or more if the audience wants it. "It will show the life of highclass glamour. People have no idea about them. They are totally out of kilter with what's happening in the real world." Miss Fleiss girls have already dabbled in TV, appearing in several popular programs. The expansion is all part of the plan to "take the business out of the gutter" Graham says. "Australia really is still so far behind the rest of the world in terms of its attitude towards this industry." But it is definitely changing. The girls themselves have noticed it.

Sophia Rinaldi is a veteran of the industry and plans to retire this year.

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