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I know another local provider that spends 25,000 a year on hotels. I entertain out of my apartment, but I still spend over 5,000 a year on advertising, plus websites and membership fees for screening sites. Many escorts fly to their next town, pay for hotel, cabs and advertsing, and our websites cost, so it is very expensive for us to tour, and many of us charge higher rates while touring.

When you see ads on BP and the escorts are under 21, every wonder how they even rent a hotel or who they are traveling with as most hotels won't rent to anyone under 21, and they check ID. So when a girl is only charging 100 bucks, you may arrive at her hotel to find her traveling with several other people, and having 10 clients a day coming and going from their hotel. You are also set up for bait and switches and girls that will do a dash with your cash or create DRAMA, and these girls do not tend to be very discreet nor do they screen, but they always RUN THOSE SPECIALS, because most of them are desperate. It still amazes me that many men don't even check out the escorts, reviews or reputation.

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