A blast from the past

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I know that many will not remember me but I used to be the resident storyteller about the hobby and it's participants. It was done mostly on the DC board but sometimes here.

The stories always showed something about a man or a woman in the hobby. After about three years of this I gave in to suggestions from others and posted a story that revealed a bit about my own past----although I did it by telling a story about an old friend.

Well that friend passed away today. This is not the first time someone in one of my stories passed away. The lady in my very first story did as did the third character in this story. But this story is about one of my oldest friends, one who actually saved my life once and who will always be special to me.

BTW he last time I posted something like this here there weer serious format issues. I hope that is not the case here but I apologize if it is the case.

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