Vinyl is coming back, maybe TBD can too .... LOL

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OK, probably not. So, let's look at what MOI generation had that future generations won't.

The innocent 50's.

Post WWII economy when America was the ONLY game in town.

All the great bands/music of the 60's, 70's and even 80's (we got MJ, today gots Bieber.... yeah, he's still around.... LOL).

60's free sex, no AIDS.

Panty droppers (aka, ludes).... and yes, the ladies knew and were more than willing.

80's coke on the table at bars (not as cheap as ludes, but just as effective for getting women willingly into bed).

Heyday of internet escorts. More expensive than 80's coke (sometimes .... LOL), but even easier. Thank you ladies and TBD.


PS: OTOH, today and future generations can take selfies .... BEEP BEEP.

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