I didn't pay attention in class...

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I caught a tv show "10 things you didn't learn in sex Ed". So... Oxytocin(spelling?) is responsible for guys falling asleep after sex. I really just thought that was a lame excuse so guys could be selfish or lazy. But it is really real. Lately, after I ummmm, rub one out LoL right after I cum, I cannot keep my eyes open. I figured I'm getting older and I'm just gonna be that chick that naps during the day. I get so drowsy all of sudden, I can barely keep my eyes open.

Now I know Oxytocin was the reason I woke up some time later with one hand down my panties and my left titty hanging out of the top of my dress.

I want to think I looked sexy lying there slumbering away but probably not even a little.

My name is Macy and I'm Sexy!

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