Seems Like Old Times

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I had the day off for a long weekend. When the maids came to stately Denizen Manor and pretty much took over the place I decided to head out for breakfast.

I was seated next to a gentleman who looked quite familiar. In fact if he was not a certain former frequent poster here he wasa dead ringer for him. i stood at my table for a moment to see if he recognized me but there was no glimmer of recognition. Finally I decided to make my move.

"Hello there, do you remember me?" I asked trying to appear coy.

"You look familiar," he said. "But, he added I just can't place you."

"Well i said let's just say I am a denizen of the place."

His eyes lit up. He called me by another (correct name) and we chewed the fat fora few minutes while he was finishing breakfast. When you consider that he and I did not always see eye to eye (though he has always been gracious when we met face to face) I found the whole thing pleasant.

here is hoping you all have equally nice weekends.

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