Fear Of Hobbying- Ask for Services Other Than Sex!!!

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There is a fear of hobbying among hobbyists. You have an important job and wife and kids. You don't want to get caught up in a prostitution sting because it can ruin your life because of reputation. It is more than just getting jail or probation.

My information on the first amendment board about how you don't meet the statutory definition of person is great to beat a prostitution sting. The problem is that you can be subject to media exposure or police brutality. I saw on news clip on how the cops get rough in a prostitution sting.

If you say you don't meet the statutory definition of person, it won't end up in the media. You may be photographed and the mugshot may end up in the papers. The prosecutor may not want to charge you because you may bring up the person definition to the jury. But it can still ruin your career because of the mugshot on the media.

There are two options to work around the prostitution sting issue; dating or asking for a non-sexual services.

The key is not open your mouth about sex for money until you got massaged or on a date for a while. If you do it on a date, then do the offer in private.

If you are going to date the escort, make sure they are well reviewed. If you go for some escort without reviews, you may stuck with paying for a date and ended up with no sex.

A paralegal professor told the class that cops are not going to date you. They want to make a solicitation and get a bust. If you paying for escort services, it is not illegal. You can pay someone for companionship.

For providers without reviews, the answer is for something other than sex. You can ask the provider for a massage. Then when you get a massage you can ask her. It will cost extra but it is worth it.

If you having a high position and you are making big bucks, then the littlebit extra is worth it. You don't want to just save a $50 and get caught up in a prostitution sting.

The answer to this is to ask for something other than sex. On the phone, you can ask for massage. An undercover cop won't do massages. They most likely answer "no."

Then when you are at her place, you ask for massage again. Don't solicit money for sex until you are naked and she massages you for at least 5-10 minutes. An undercover cop is not going to massage you.

You will be surprise with escorts. If they like you, they won't charge much to have sex with you when you solicit during the massage. If not, they will charge more and may insist on a condomn.

Chemistry plays a role whether or not the girl have sex without condom and the price they charge.

Reviews work great. The chances are lowed to near zero but there is no way to go to zero. Why? Here are some scenarios. An provider get caught in a prostitution sting. The undercover cop or the provider works for the undercover cop answers the phone and invite you to come. A hobbyist gave the undercover cop the membership to the screening services. The police department is trying to make an example that screening doesn't work by posting fake reviews. Yes, most of the time the police won't go to this length. If they stumble across opportunity, they might.

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