Guys like me revisited

Posted by TQ40 , Tue, Mar 14, 2017, 13:46:13 Post Reply Reviews by TQ40National Discussion BoardMain site

Why are ethnic guys hated?I feel like a piece of meat because a lot of ladies treat me as suxh.Not all us ethnic guys are bad.I will admit my problem is with myself liking bbw ladies and that has got me into trouble over the years.My personal dating life is bad and because women tend to hate me for some reason.My problem with providers is expecting 1 hour of solid service straight.I just don't get it enough and it makes me want a solid hour.Just why do yall hate me so bad?I haven't beat or abused a provider like Chip Jeep has said.Just want to find a regular lady to have fun with in this hobby...I have changed and why keep treating me like this

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