Legal Name Is A US and State Partnership

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E. "person" means any human being or legal entity, whether incorporated or unincorporated, including the United States, the state of New Mexico or any subdivision thereof;-NMSA 30-1-12

The legal name which refers to the human being is a partnership between the United States Corporation and the state of New Mexico.

The 14th amendment state it the best. All persons born or naturalize are citizens of (belong to) the United States and the state that they reside.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME is the partnership between the US and the state.

The trust contains contains real and personal property. When there is property in the offense, the person includes the United States.

When someone is summons to court, the United States and the state of New Mexico is the parties that supposed to appear.

The STATE OF NEW MEXICO belongs to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. According to my friend, he found that the Federal Reserve Bank is acting for the USA. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation that is owned by the international bankers.

When there is charges, the United States and the state of New Mexico must appear.

The role of the United States is to pay money. Property includes money. The role of the state of New Mexico is to discharge the debt with the blue birth certificate stones.

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