I need an Friend in same Business Others do not get it! New England Maine

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Well i get back to high school and i get done ..I am a High School Gradute,I have great family ,an great support sytem , i have someone that loves me more then life his itself .He will be getting an second job this weekend.I have stop smoking newports,became a Red Cross C.P.R volunteer instructor .i got to vote for the first time in 4years ,and become a member of the women's club around here.My friend from florida is going up doing the summer going to do doubles.She is great friend.I have Great Solid Reviews,Great Site Great Photos,Now i will have more time to make new friends . I have a solid Fan Base here in Portland.I am aslo working an app and going on small new england tour the summer with my friend.I am going to rent a beach house for 4 days this summer and will take pictures as well .I hope to get some friends and providers for meet and Greet Luchin Party next year in may At Old Orhid Beach .I will Pay each escort 40 dollars ,I will provide 5 pictures and fashion show with sexy themes and 3mintues little mainstream video clip ad ...

Lets Do Something real special for the gents are our bread and butter and I want .. suggested any one any providrs to go half on commercial building or to have aproviders party I tried to the others providers together to have elite luncheons talk about stragedy and really do something special elevate the game . Do not be alone more ..Do Have a support System . I think all girls that do full service get paid. I just move here a year ago.Get paid the same so these gents will stop jewwing the girl down and when there thing does not work it real.Just keep it real Be Honest and Lets Make Money together lets us double Or Not lets Me Friends Maybe go 2 man session doing the season Lets Docalls together .Lets Car Pool Lets Start an Small Business With Some Loyal : I want to do all Given get an an small massages building in 3 years.I want to get Web cam business Mass Media .Media Photography Being REAl Friends To this Business is gets lonely ,Sometimes I can not work due to school or Medical at the end of the month I will share if you do or we give 20 with Every Referal is Completed. Let's Make make Money and Not Be Lonely..

* Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve * Encourage client self-discovery * Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies * Hold the client responsible and accountable

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