What to Do When You See a Familiar Face

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For those who do not know I am a former frequent poster on the DC board who is married to a former provider. Each of us knows of the other's history but since she did not use the internet for that business our acquaintances are mostly different.

This weekend we experiences something that has happened before but for whatever reason it bothered her more this time. That is that we ran to a former client. rather than shoot a knowing glance or perhaps a nod and wink he chose to woke up to the two of us and talk to her about "all the good times" they had together. He even indicated that he would love to get together again sometime.

Now in some circumstances that might be OK. But given the nature of their relationship and the fact that she moved on a LONG time ago and was with someone he did not know it did not sit well with her.

So my question is has this sort of thing happened to you (in any of the roles) and how did you handle it? Howe do you think it should be handled?

Anyway hello to all who recall me. And for those who don't I hope you don't mind an old community member dropping in.

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